In my last post, I mentioned that ‘raising your vibration’ was one of the key things you have to do to break through to your next level. But what does that really mean? if you are not a woohoo, hippie, sandal wearing, new age spiritual kinda person who is familiar with the term, it might throw you for a loop.

Heck, even as someone who is somewhat familiar with the lingo, it helps to clarify exactly what I mean here.

So what do I mean by vibration?

I simply mean your vibe, your energy, your emotions, your drive, the quality…

It is something that we all strive for. We want to improve, be better. We would love to radically improve our lot if we could. That is why we chase the products, the programs, the latest book or fad. We seek the insights that would change the game.

Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we come across a gem, an idea, a method that does truly change the game, that enables us to transcend previous limitations. Many times, we are left dissatisfied, with yet more broken promises and dashed dreams.

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a marked difference in…

Over the past two weeks, I have shared some ideas I’ve learned around time management. But now let’s turn our attention to the actual time we spend working. How can we supercharge those sessions so we get the most out of them?

In his book Deep Work, Cal Newport talks about the fact that our attention spans as humans have been negatively impacted by the plethora of opportunities for distractions we have. Our digital devices are especially guilty of this, keeping us returning to the feeds, looking for notifications, mindlessly scrolling for pings of interest.

As a result, it might…

So last week, I shared some ideas on how to manage your time as a creative, or even as any working professional. These were more principle based — high level concepts to consider, ideas like making the time, managing energy, and using time blocks.

This week, I’ll go a little deeper and share some more, granular tips on how you could manage your time better or squeeze productivity out of the hours you already have.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Respect the Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principles states that generally speaking, 80% of our results come from 20%…

Looking over the past few weeks, a theme is emerging in regards to what I have been thinking and writing about. That theme seems to be around the subject of creativity — from reconnecting with passion, to reclaiming creativity for ourselves, to the different levels of creative thought we engage in.

I have been thinking about a lot about creativity because well, I am a creative, and it plays a big role in my career and in my personal projects and aspirations. Also since I’ve started to put out content on a regular basis again, I have been reflecting on…

I came across this podcast, ‘ Make Art Not Content’ a couple weeks back, and it’s pretty great. The channel sports these short but dynamic and pithy clips that are hard hitting, provocative and fun. There was an episode that stuck with me so much, I knew I was going to eventually going to write about it. It was titled The 6 Modes of Creative Thinking.

As humans, and especially as creatives, the level of our creative output is tied to the level and quality of thought and insight that we have. The movies, music, art, and products that we…

The other day, I came across this interview with Pharrell Williams & Steve Stoute, and among the many gems they dropped during their talk, there was one that stood out for me. It is an idea that I have heard before but this was a great reminder.

At about the 35:40 mark, Pharrell starts speaking directly to the camera addressing artists in particular, saying that when you find yourself in a crappy contract situation, don’t stop making music, don’t try to hold things back. This was his reasoning:

The Universe is a Library. All we are doing is checking ideas…

In the tech world, there is the concept of the stack. This is the combination of technologies a company or entity uses to build and operate an application or project. It is all the different pieces that come together to give the final solution.

It is also a concept that has expanded to use in adjacent fields to refer to the idea of a collection of tools or resources to yield a result. For instance, the full stack creative might refer to a person who is able to conceptualise, write, design and code. …

How do you reclaim your inner fire when everything around you feels so bleh? When you feel creatively uninspired. How do you spark the flames of passion and get excited about what you do, about life again?

It is the question a lot of creatives, and people in general have to ask from time to time. Things are great when you are gripped in the firm pull of inspiration. When the words seem to pour out of you, and the ideas can’t stop flowing. It is all you can do, just to keep up with the flow.

But sometimes, the…

Many of us have jobs, or contracts or at least obligations to the work space. Most likely, those activities take up the bulk of your time. And you get reliant on them, to pay the bills, and give you the means to meet some of your needs. But at the cost of the bulk of your time.

Quite possibly, you have other interests as well. Things you would like to do. Ideas you would like to implement. Projects you would like to undertake. Skills you would like to learn. But you just don’t find the time for them. …

Otoabasi Bassey

I think things. I design things. I write things.

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