The other day, I came across this interview with Pharrell Williams & Steve Stoute, and among the many gems they dropped during their talk, there was one that stood out for me. It is an idea that I have heard before but this was a great reminder.

At about the 35:40 mark, Pharrell starts speaking directly to the camera addressing artists in particular, saying that when you find yourself in a crappy contract situation, don’t stop making music, don’t try to hold things back. This was his reasoning:

The Universe is a Library. All we are doing is checking ideas…

In the tech world, there is the concept of the stack. This is the combination of technologies a company or entity uses to build and operate an application or project. It is all the different pieces that come together to give the final solution.

It is also a concept that has expanded to use in adjacent fields to refer to the idea of a collection of tools or resources to yield a result. For instance, the full stack creative might refer to a person who is able to conceptualise, write, design and code. …

How do you reclaim your inner fire when everything around you feels so bleh? When you feel creatively uninspired. How do you spark the flames of passion and get excited about what you do, about life again?

It is the question a lot of creatives, and people in general have to ask from time to time. Things are great when you are gripped in the firm pull of inspiration. When the words seem to pour out of you, and the ideas can’t stop flowing. It is all you can do, just to keep up with the flow.

But sometimes, the…

Many of us have jobs, or contracts or at least obligations to the work space. Most likely, those activities take up the bulk of your time. And you get reliant on them, to pay the bills, and give you the means to meet some of your needs. But at the cost of the bulk of your time.

Quite possibly, you have other interests as well. Things you would like to do. Ideas you would like to implement. Projects you would like to undertake. Skills you would like to learn. But you just don’t find the time for them. …

We all want to get somewhere in life. That ‘where’ varies from person to person. And it is either very clear and defined or nebulous. But to some extent, we all have at least the vague desire to grow or get somewhere different.

However, there is something about the way the world is designed that makes it easy to slip right into a routine and ride that routine for years on end. Especially in the working world. We get a job, we build a business, or a career, and we get deep into the nitty gritty. …

I’ve been journalling on and off since I was at least 16. And it has always been an invaluable tool in processing my thoughts and emotions, keeping me rooted in myself. In fact, it is the ritual I must engage in first before I write, producing these blog posts.

It helps to clear my mind, exploring what’s going on on the inside and leaving me in an empty enough space to listen clearly and create.

But as a whole, it has always been a tool for self discovery and understanding.

And it’s not just me. A lot of people over…

I’ve been slowly working my way through Ryan Holiday’s book “ Stillness is the Key “, and the other day, I read a chapter that really captured the essence of things I’ve been feeling and experiencing lately.

To call 2020 a wild year would be an understatement. From the pandemic upending everything and transforming how we do things, to personal changes and challenges, we have all had our fair share of problems to face and overcome.

For me personally, the year ended in an insane whirlwind of activity, by the time the minute hand crossed 12am on New Year’s day…

Life tends to gets chaotic, as I’ve mentioned many times. If you don’t apply the effort to keep your affairs in order, things tend towards entropy, towards falling apart.

There are external vagaries of life that push us to and fro, the world outside, events outside our control. Beyond those, there is also the perpetually shifting sands that is our internal states. There is always something ready to push us off balance.

We can start one week focused and on top of things, only to fall apart the next, moving through our days in a stupor, barely getting by.


The other day, I got robbed, and my laptop was stolen. Naturally, I thought I’d make a blog about it.

What do you do when you get knocked back by misfortune? When the deal you have been working on for months falls through. When you get unceremoniously laid off. When your space is violated, and things are taken from you. When priceless data, months, years of work is gone in an unfair instant.

How do you react?

First you react by being a bit numb. I mean that is the first thing you feel. The shock that this thing has just happened. The realization…

The other day, I was watching a productivity course on Skillshare, and I learned something interesting about what separates very productive people from non-productive people.

It has to do with how they perceive and relate to time.

This idea was so profound, it has radically changed the way I approach my days and weeks. …

Otoabasi Bassey

I think things. I design things. I write things.

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