How To Raise Your Vibration

In my last post, I mentioned that ‘raising your vibration’ was one of the key things you have to do to break through to your next level. But what does that really mean? if you are not a woohoo, hippie, sandal wearing, new age spiritual kinda person who is familiar with the term, it might throw you for a loop.

Heck, even as someone who is somewhat familiar with the lingo, it helps to clarify exactly what I mean here.

So what do I mean by vibration?

I simply mean your vibe, your energy, your emotions, your drive, the quality of thoughts and emotions you hold. If you are anxious, scared, depressed, you are vibrating at a low level. Your thoughts and emotions are keeping you stuck in a state that will affect your body, your actions and can lock you into a vicious cycle.

If you are happy, inspired, confident, optimistic, you are vibrating at a higher level. You feel lighter, you feel energetic, you are positive and hopeful about the future. Clearly in this state, you would feel better, act better, work harder and be overall nicer to be around, which would probably allow good things to happen to you.

Now we are never always one thing, and many of us will oscillate from one end of the spectrum to the other. Sometimes we feel great, sometimes we don’t. And that is okay, that is perfectly healthy. We are human after all, we will feel the wide gamut of emotion, each is useful to us ultimately. Negative emotions can be powerful sources of motivation and change. Positive emotions can blind us to our own doom.

So it is okay to be wherever you are. It is okay to feel. Even when those emotions hurt. I believe when we allow ourselves to feel completely, we allow ourselves to process and transcend.

Sometimes the emotions clear up on their own. You have a dark spell for a bit, and then one day the sun breaks through and you feel the light and warmth again. Sometimes they take a bit of coaxing, a bit of active work on your path to pull yourself back up. Sometimes your emotions might be so heavy and even linked to your biology that you need specialised help to pull through.

But allow me to ruminate a little and try to outline some ideas on how to raise one’s vibration.

This past week was quite difficult. Between things being slow on the business front, clients going quiet, issues with the water where I stay, issues with software, and starting off the week quite sick and exhausted. It was a lot to deal with. And that’s okay. I let it be, and I did what Ruiz recommends in his book, The Four Agreements, I did my best. Whatever that was.

Today I’m much better, trying to dive into a new week, still feeling a lil miffy here and there and wondering how I can supercharge myself and lift my spirits. What can we do to feel better and stimulate the energy we need to face our challenges and thrive?

Self Care

There are a lot of small things we can to lighten our mood, to position ourselves and help our vibe. It could be as small as cleaning your room, organizing your workspace, doing the dishes. You could light a candle, burn some incense. You could pray or hang out in nature. You could listen to uplifting music. Anything, as long as it contributes to your self care.

Sometimes you just need to sit with yourself and attend to your mind and soul. Do some meditation, quieten the monkey brain, get to that still place within and reconnect with yourself.


There is nothing like endorphins to immediately improve your mood. Exercise is one of those things, like meditation that sometimes feel like such a bother to get started, but once you actually do it you feel like damn, I really should do this everyday. A good workout is amazing most times. I literally feel my mood shifting from bleh, to being eager to tackle the day and get things done.


It is easy to let our minds take us for a ride most of the time. But we have to actively set and calibrate our attitudes towards life and everything. The way you view things will affect what you do and what you get.

You could look at all the problems and issues around you and feel hopeless. Worse still, you could put your head in the sand and just ignore the issues, letting them fester. Or you could take the stoic practice of turning shit to sugar, realizing that the obstacle is also the way.

No matter the situation. There is always opportunity lurking. There is always a play to be made, there is always a way around, or under, or on top. There is always a way to adapt, or accept.

Taking such a progressive mental stance brings you out of victim mode to being an active participant in your life.

Get inspired

Sometimes you just need to get hype af. As much as it is fashionable now to look down at self help gurus and feel good motivational speakers as being more cotton candy than anything substantial, there is power in getting your emotions riled up. There is power in changing your mental state, in letting your inner tinder be sparked into a rising flame.

It could be music, it could a speaker, it could be a movie, or an article, it could be a friend, a colleague, an enemy. Wherever you can, seek inspiration, and let it fuel you.

Visualise positively

You need something to pull you forward. Think about your goals, think about the things you desire. See yourself having them, see yourself receiving them. Your mind already easily does this, just in reverse, thinking about all the things that could go wrong, expecting the worst to happen. Train your mind to also do it in the positive direction. Keep the energy of having what you want in mind, and then act critically to get yourself there.

With these quick 5 ideas, we have some tools to help raise our energy when we need to. To jump start ourselves and get us ready to do what we must, to get what we want. To get back on top of things when we inadvertently fail or falter.

Originally published at on July 12, 2021.

I am an brand strategist, designer writer and entrepreneur using my skills to help people and businesses live up to their potential.

If there was an overarching theme to what I do, it would be “The art of being + the act of creating + the space in-between“. I am interested in how we live, how we create and how the two interact and inform each other.

My obsession with personal development and constant growth sparked in my early teens remains unabated and now I share what I learn as I build a life by design.




I think things. I design things. I write things.

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Otoabasi Bassey

Otoabasi Bassey

I think things. I design things. I write things.

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